Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Anniversary!

So. First post in a while. We don't take too many pictures but I made it a point to take some for our Anniversary!!! I can't believe its been a whole year since we got married!! In ways it has gone by super fast but in other ways I feel like we have been married for years already. Over the weekend we went to Park City for a few nights for shopping, swimming and relaxing. It is the off season up there so it was like a ghost town and we had the pool and restaurants all to ourselves!

Then we made our way to Wicked, which was awesome! We were joined by both our families and it was great. Then we headed to the Jazz playoff game, which I wish we could say was great. It was fun to be there but I wanted to punch a Laker fan sitting next to me. I didn't. Fortunately. But the Jazz didn't win. Unfortunately. It was still fun. Even though the smiles in our picture while we were there are totally fake. I wanted to cry.

We finally got home Saturday night and dug into our frozen wedding cake from one year earlier. Okay, so Brett didn't dig in. I had to force him to at least try it. But it was still fun. I hear that the first year can be the hardest.. if thats true, I am in luck. Cause that was one of the best years of my life! Love ya Brett.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How About Them JAZZ!!!

Its about time for basketball season and Brett's been busy with his website... updating, adding and making it an overall awesome place to go to get the scoop on the Utah Jazz. So get out your pom poms, put on your Jazz attire and get ready for the season of your life. This is the year. Game opener is Oct. 29th and you better believe me and Brett will be there, eating pulled pork sandwiches, high fiving those in neighboring seats and losing our voices. Buckle up! Its gonna be a wild winter. Oh and make sure to check out Brett's website!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Lots of pictures here so get ready... Brett had an accounting conference for work in Chicago so what a perfect opportunity for us to have a fun get away!! We saw everything and did everything we possibly could in that short amount of time. First off, we have us at Harry Caray's restaurant next to the famous Bull. We thought since Harry Caray was a sports announcer, that it would be a cheap sports bar... but no. Meals were in the 30's up to the 50's for a steak. Luckily all Brett eats is Fettuccine and that was the cheapest item on the menu.

Famous Chicago Sign and Theatre.. MC Hammer was performing while we were there... we decided not to go.

Now for the most important thing. We went to Wicked while we were there. They are just pictures of outside because you can't take pictures inside.. butiIt was awesome and my second time seeing it. Brett was a wicked virgin but seemed to like it okay and even broke into loud laughter multiple times!

This is random, but this is the church that is used for the wedding in "my best friends wedding". Kinda cool and really cute.

We rode a double decker around the city our last day to see things we may have missed. One stop was Navy Pier. There we shopped, ate and rode the famous ferris wheel (first one ever made was on Navy Pier) and took pictures of the city from up high. Brett didn't like being up that high so he focused on taking pictures and not moving an inch.

We went to Wrigley Field but it the Cubs game was sold out. We decided to take pictures and buy t-shirts anyway. It was pretty fun and probably Brett's favorite part.

We also went to the Art Museum on our double decker tour. Not super exciting but we did see monet, Degas, and Van Gogh! We also recognized this picture!

Lastly was our trip to the Sears Tower (tallest building in North America, I think). There was a great view and we took lots of pictures.

This was at the sears tower.. Jane Addams was the pioneer of Social Work and Chicago was where it all started!!

This was also up in the sears tower. Brett just likes Jordan.

Thats about all. It was really fun to get away and spend time together. The trip ended in a plane ride not sitting together, with Brett in the exit row up front (more leg room) and me in the back with the recliner that doesn't work, the man that slept practically on top of me and the bathroom that was broken and stinking up the joint. Dispite the long trip home it was definately worth it.

Bear Lake Fam Reunion

Bear Lake is always a classic. I don't have many pictures but I have a few. As always we had a lot of fun out on the boat... wakeboarding, surfing, tubing, swimming and catching rays.

We also had fun lounging around the condo. Hanging out is what our family does best!
Thanks G&G Bitner for having us up to the condo's!

Random Summer Fun

These are pictures from when we went to the Zoo. We realized that the Zoo used to be a lot more fun when we were little kids. The animals just lay there and it stinks a lot. We still had fun though.

These pictures are from Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork. It was a rodeo. We went to a lot of County Fair/Carnival/Rodeo/Demolition Derby/Red Neck Stuff this summer. It was awesome. We still plan on going to the mother of all fairs, the State Fair!